Cooking Classes @ Cooking Sun

I think many of you might be interested in learning Japanese cooking when traveling in Japan. Yes, Japanese Foods (= "Washoku") were designated UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013 and have been in a spotlight since then. People consider Japanese foods are healthy and tasty. But in reality, not all the Japanese foods are really healthy, but it is true Japanese foods are very tasty and pair very well with Japanese Sake.

Cooking Sun operates cooking classes in Kyoto (in a nice classic wooden house), Tokyo and even online over internet. There are highly skilled instructors in the team - and I am one of them. Cooking classes include Veggie Japanese cooking class, too. And... menu changes seasonally.

When planning on visiting Japan, I suggest that you sign up for one of the classes, so you can experience how Japanese foods are prepared.

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For more information about Cooking Sun cooking classes, visit the homepage from the button below. Cooking Sun offers food tours, too.