Nishio Yatsuhashi-no-Sato

Sep 14, 2020

Restaurant Type: Japanese Cafe | Kyoto Cuisine | Soba
Lunch Price Range: 1,000 - 1,500
Dinner Price Range:
Address: 6 Shogoin Nishimachi Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Credit Cards: No Credit Cards Accepted
Business Hours: 11:00 - 16:00
Closed on: Open Daily (will be closed on Mondays from October 2017)
Disabled Friendly: No
Parking: Available (limited availability between 11:30 - 13:30)
Smoking Policy: Non-Smoking
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Yatsuhashi-no-Sato Entrance

Restaurant & Cafe Operated by "Yatsuhashi" Confectionery

Nishio is one of the oldest confectioneries in Kyoto, having been specialized in "Yatsuhashi" which is a baked cinnamon-flavored cookie made from rice flour and sugar. While staying as one of the leading Yatsuhashi suppliers, they opened a casual Japanese restaurant & cafe in 2013 next to their confectionery and named it "Yatsuhashi-no-Sato" (= Home of Yatsuhashi).

View through the windows

Beautiful Japanese Garden, viewed from the dining room

Perfect View through the Windows

The restaurant was originally a traditional Japanese town house, which used to be a resident of a successful Japanese industrialist. What I like with this restaurant is a cozy and yet beautiful Japanese garden that can be seen from all the tables through the windows.

Casual Japanese Foods - Very Affordable

Foods here are casual and affordable, starting from Soba noodles (Buckwheat flour noodles) to Obanzai lunch plate (= assorted small plates on a tray with steamed rice and soup). Very affordable (Yen 750 - 1,600). Also, they have "Omurice" which is a Japanese style egg omelette with fried rice in it (Yen 850). It is pretty tasty with house-made Demi Glace sauce. If I am not hungry, I usually order Japanese green tea (Matcha) which comes with a little sweet - Yen 1,000.

Omurice Image

Signature "Omurice" with Demi Glace sauce

Again, the foods are casual, and I do not necessarily expect "Wow" factors from their food menu items, but the view through the windows and the ambiance of the dining room are gorgeous just like the ones at Michelin 3-Star authentic Japanese restaurant. I am often so in to it that I forget about time to leave. Service is friendly and professional.

Nishio Yatsuhashi-no-sato Dining Room

Main Dining Room. Very pretty.

They are not open for dinner, but if the party size is big enough (around 10 or more), they can open the space for a privatized dinner or event. I have never dined there in the evening, but I can imagine how beautiful it will be in autumn when the leaves are turning yellow and red, lit up by the illumination.

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